sexta-feira, 26 de março de 2010

We are the champions!!!

Maybe we really are the champions
Maybe,we cant't see how happy we are
we should stop throwing words to the wind
But how its possible if we life only of the problems and work?
If we
not live, we survive?
Really I don't know!

But i have hopes
And who knows, some day we can live and not only survive!!
Who knows some day somenone will appear and change the world...
Who knows....

"I don't know where to go whats the right team
I want my own thing,So bad I'm gonna scream"
i can't choose so confuse!What's it all mean?

I want my own dream.So bad I'm gonna scream!!!"

And life will always be like today

Because It was ever thus
And the people are accustomed to this
And don't want make new changes

But who knows Some day
The really can change
And the world be better

I belive!!
And you??

Let's go we can!!
Nothing is impossible when we belive in God
And I belive!!

Um comentário:

  1. English *o*

    Maybe survive is our way to live
    Maybe we are just pretend

    And this is our life, our time

    So let's live, on our way

    thank's for live with me
    I love you :*